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Who We Are

AgReach is a smallholder farming initiative that closes gaps in agrisystems so that smallholder farmers thrive. By maximizing the potential of people and technology, AgReach stimulates growth and increases food security. 

An international thought leader headquartered at one of the world's most prestigious land grant universities, AgReach knows firsthand the far-reaching ripple effects of innovative extension work worldwide. AgReach develops research-based solutions that are both human and scalable, extending the reach of information, resources, and people.

Ag Reach believes that...

agricultural extension is a public good that, like healthcare and education, provides fundamental and required support to rural people and communities and is a crucial support structure to addressing food security, hunger, poverty, and socioeconomic advancement.

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And we work towards that by... 

developing a knowledge base of impactful, appropriate, cost-effective, and scalable extension approaches, methods, and tools that can improve the services provided by governments, projects, NGOs, and the private sector. We engage directly with extension system actors at the national, district, and field level with targeted support meant to address needs and strengthen sustainable institutions.

We are driven by... 

passion, determination, focus and a sincere belief in extension as a driver of agricultural development and its accompanying impacts on poverty, hunger, and socioeconomic advancement. We are committed to farmer-focused development that is participatory, demand-driven, and empowering, and we desire to work with public institutions to improve their capacities to provide sustainable services to farmers while avoiding the shortcomings of "projectization".


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Our program is uniquely positioned given... 

we are one of the oldest land grant universities in the United States with world class professors and access to an entire university system of experts and thought leaders in fields ranging from economics to information-communication technologies. With AgReach, donors and partners get the best of both worlds: top academics, researchers and experienced development practitioners along with the credibility to work with world leaders on issues of national or regional importance. We bring comprehensive solutions and work to integrate gender, nutrition, climate smart agriculture, governance and capacity development, as appropriate, into our initiatives.

We’re passionate about our work because...

extension improves hunger and poverty, which is a critical step towards broader development and improved lives.

Our work can and does make a significant and long-term difference.

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