About SANE | Malawi

SANE | Strengthening Agricultural and Nutrition Extension in Malawi


  • SANE strengthens the capacity of the Government of Malawi’s Department of Agricultural Extension Services (DAES) to mobilize and work with service providers to deliver agricultural and nutrition extension and advisory services more effectively and in a coordinated manner in the Feed the Future Zone of Influence.

We aim to (1) improve the policy environment:

  • With a focus on government, donor, and NGO working relationships
  • To understand how to address agriculture and nutrition gaps through improving extension services through sharing knowledge

We aim to (2) strengthen coordination and capacity of extension service providers:

  • Through building networks of decision-makers, implementers, and experts committed to making agriculture and nutrition linkages
  • By increasing field-level extensionists' knowledge and skills 

We aim to (3) increase connections between research institutions and extension service providers:

  • Through closing communication and knowledge gaps
  • By facilitating networks across both entities

Read the full Project Brief for further details.

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